Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Turning a page...

I'm turning a page in my story. It was a hard page to turn, but it might work out after all. I am talking, of course, about my career. During all of my school, I wanted nothing more than to be a pediatric occupational therapist.  But after two stints in pediatric settings, two different ones, I am not sure now if this is it for me. It doesn't come naturally to me. In fact, it's really hard sometimes. I didn't automatically remember a lot of things like some people do. Especially sensory facts.

What has come easy for me is working with adults. I can reason with adults. I also feel like they don't set up unrealistic expectations for their therapy. When working with kids, I have felt so much stress and pressure working with their parents. It wasn't coming natural to me. After two years in the schools, I still did not feel that confident in myself in that setting. I couldn't find the right niche to fall into. I kept changing the routine or the way I handled things. I couldn't get it right. I dreaded going to work sometimes.

I thought long and hard about resigning. I had looked a lot for another job. And it was mostly a last minute decision to resign when I did it. After a few interviews, I found the right next job.

So this Monday, I am beginning a new journey. A scary journey.  I say scary because its going to feel like the first day of school all over again. New people to work with and hope that they like me.  Like a freaking middle schooler.

In the meantime, I am beginning research on what I can do with the new genre I will be working with -- the aging baby boomers.  Jumping in is what I do best.... Wish me luck!

Monday, July 28, 2014

What to do with the living room....?

So...I know that we are going to be renovating our basement and master bedroom upstairs starting in January or February. But I am mostly distracted right now by our living room. This is probably because it is the room we are in the most often.  It isn't the largest of rooms, but it serves its purpose.  Right now, it houses a lot of kid toys, which will eventually make its way into the basement rec area. Though, even when that gets done, how often am I really going to let a two year old play down there without me. Ha. Yeah, right. So there will still be toys in this room.

Things I know I want to do: repaint (but not sure what color); buy a small sectional (in grey - to use up corner space that is currently dead); possible add a bench/coat rack by the front door; do something different with the main window treatments; maybe crown molding (which is going to be an issue unless we have the plaster redone or install drywall INSTEAD -- the walls aren't completely flat -- GO PRE-WAR construction!!). 

We have all original hard wood in here (the wood we also tried to re-expose in Avery's room and in the kitchen, lo and behold -- previous owners had RUINED IT. RUINED IT with mastic glue in her room. Yes, someone put in glued tiles. Horrible. We tried to fix it, but it was a disaster. For now, carpet is down. And the kitchen? Layers upon layers of subfloor and vinyl flooring -- there were huge SCREWS in the wood floor)...that I may want to eventually refinish. I can't decide if we should leave this color or go darker. There are areas of the floor that NEED to be redone that we hide right now under the furniture. 

I tried sending idea to my MIL because she is fabulous at this stuff, but she keeps brushing me off to tell me to focus on the basement. Nothing to focus on down there. My husband is taking control of that project and I will want it pretty basic. Egress window, waterproofing, drywall. Probably a pale grey paint. Wait. Ok, I lied. I could totally focus on the laundry room and what I want down there...Hmm...

Anyway....back to the living room. Here are a couple of pictures....

This door leads to the office/dining area. The office will be relocating into the basement. 

That giant Expedit will probably be moving to the basement and a shorter one will take its place.

For the most part, I love this space. It has great light most of the time. And all I know about what I want in here for now? Is this couch. 

Pottery Barn Buchanan Sectional in Performance EverydayVelvet (Platinum)
$1849  and KID PROOF treated fabric
This is a smaller sectional and it is perfect for our small room. PERFECT.

- - -

After the making of this post, I went nuts moving things around the living room. Took an Expedit form another room that really wasn't being used. This actually created a larger area for Avery to play in. 

Anyway, regardless of what my MIL says, I am making some changes in details in this living room. It's going to be awhile until the rest of the house is done and I need a project right now....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One week (& nearly) gluten free....

Except for a few indiscreet bites of things I knew had wheat in them, here and there this past week, I have been fairing rather well! The hardest part of this new challenge to my new diet turned out not to be giving up beer (after asking around Twitter, I found out that Omission makes an excellent nearly gluten free beer). It was being sick and not turning to the usual comforting carbs I typically grab for.

It started off as bad allergies and tumbled quickly into bronchitis. I wanted nothing more than chicken noodle soup, ramen noodles, and pretzels. Don't ask me why those are my go to foods when down and out, they just are. I found a soup with rice noodles in it that was....ok, but it wasn't chicken so it didn't have that same calming effect. And I did end up eating 2 large sourdough pretzels just to calm my stomach after my first dose of antibiotics.

I am up at the lake this week and my biggest concern had been eating while here. My inlaws also love carbs. But I had volunteered to bring up a lot of my own things as substitutes and they have been trying them out and enjoying them, surprisingly. The first night I was here, we broke out the pancake mix I brought and they were pleasantly surprised. Of course, we cooked those the rather unhealthy MIL cooks her pancakes in freaking Crisco -- so basically anything cooked in Crisco is going to taste good, though, right? Ha. At any rate, they said they looked and tasted just like whole wheat pancakes. I'm very happy they were open to eating them.  I also made them something with zucchini noodles. I wasn't comfortable eating the noodles raw....not that I wasn't comfortable per se, I just love zucchini cooked, so I sauteed them in a smidge of olive oil.

My biggest challenge is breakfasts and lunches. I love crackers and breads. I decided for this first week to get some gluten free crackers, but have not ventured into trying gluten free sandwich bread at this time. I did bring up buns to try for dinner tonight and tomorrow, so fingers crossed. My inlaws do not have any other buns so I hope they forgive me if they are gross. They are Udi's, however, so I think we will be ok.

Some of the foods I have tried this week....

Zucchini noodles with artichoke/walnut/lemon pesto

Greek salad with cucumber spirals

Bob's Red Mill pancake mix (and smoky links)


Omission Pale Ale

Here's to another week of gluten free! I hope this coming week, I partake in a little less "accidental" wheat! That's my goal, anyway!