Sunday, October 7, 2012

So much!

There is so much I wish I could talk about right now. But because I can't, I've been avoiding posting anything at all. I haven't felt like myself since August. I've been in and out of emotions, and not feeling well.  I can't get the house clean enough. Takes forever. And I'm trying to keep up with work, but I end up working half the time on the weekends and evenings to just catch up.  I am not motivated half the time to do well, and I get more annoyed than every at my students. I do things half way, I do enough to get by. Dan and are getting along, then we aren't, then we are again. He barely talks to me for fear that I will snap at him. He's been so amazing, though. I love him so very much!!

Just pray for me. That I get through this rough patch...

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